Friday, 19 February 2010

Little box of treasures.


I wasn’t going to update today but I have been clearing out the black holes that are my cupboards and discovered my big box of happy crap I’ve collected over the years.
1) Other boys’ sweatbands – it was compulsory at school/ college to pilfer a boys wrist wear if you intended on courting them. Sadly I have only a few, some are far too tatty and disgusting to show on here..I should probably throw them out?
2) Worry dolls – tell them your concerns and they’ll magically transform your life for the better via mythical powers (I actually thought this would get me a boyfriend *sigh). Apparently if you ‘anger’ these little woven people..they kill your family or something? hmm.
3) Little tiny horse that I spent a sufficient amount of time excavating from the centre of the rather large rubber bouncy ball during a very boring assembly. I really should of concentrated more at school.
4) Aaah love letters, a box of happy crap isn’t complete without the odd love letter.
5) 2 Dollars from my first trip to America (LA). The only 2 I have left from my 5 day adventure in Hollywood, the rest were spent on T-shirts I couldn’t buy here in England and limited edition Vans (as many as I could fit in a suitcase) from a very cool skate shop on Hollywood Boulevard.  Tisk tisk.
6) The ticket stub from my very first gig at Rock City; no it’s not a really cool band like the rolling is in fact Bowling for soup, what a freaking loser.
7) Not really from my crap box but instead next to fathers camera he received on his 21st birthday which I am going to fix up and take some amazing snaps with to show YOU people.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i love this post! i wanna do one like it.
ps, I USED TO LOVE BOWLING FOR SOUP....the younger me would have been very jealous...well maybe i still am.

lina said...

this post is so cool! very interesting. love your photos as always!

Nadir H. said...

lovely set of pictures