Friday, 19 February 2010

Little box of treasures.


I wasn’t going to update today but I have been clearing out the black holes that are my cupboards and discovered my big box of happy crap I’ve collected over the years.
1) Other boys’ sweatbands – it was compulsory at school/ college to pilfer a boys wrist wear if you intended on courting them. Sadly I have only a few, some are far too tatty and disgusting to show on here..I should probably throw them out?
2) Worry dolls – tell them your concerns and they’ll magically transform your life for the better via mythical powers (I actually thought this would get me a boyfriend *sigh). Apparently if you ‘anger’ these little woven people..they kill your family or something? hmm.
3) Little tiny horse that I spent a sufficient amount of time excavating from the centre of the rather large rubber bouncy ball during a very boring assembly. I really should of concentrated more at school.
4) Aaah love letters, a box of happy crap isn’t complete without the odd love letter.
5) 2 Dollars from my first trip to America (LA). The only 2 I have left from my 5 day adventure in Hollywood, the rest were spent on T-shirts I couldn’t buy here in England and limited edition Vans (as many as I could fit in a suitcase) from a very cool skate shop on Hollywood Boulevard.  Tisk tisk.
6) The ticket stub from my very first gig at Rock City; no it’s not a really cool band like the rolling is in fact Bowling for soup, what a freaking loser.
7) Not really from my crap box but instead next to fathers camera he received on his 21st birthday which I am going to fix up and take some amazing snaps with to show YOU people.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mixed bag.


Happy Valentines day all! I did all my celebrating on Thursday seeing as that was my anniversary so I just settled for breakfast in bed this morning. Wagamamas was the first port of call this year then afterwards we went to see Youth in revolt at the cinema – which I loved. Michael Cera has never really caught my attention before this film and I must admit, I couldn’t help finding him a little bit attractive as a foul mouthed rogue..even with that awful moustache!.
I found a cool new notebook whilst shopping one day this week – so cool it makes me want to draw silly things inside. I love NEW EMPTY SKETCHBOOKS!..especially ones with cool cameras on the cover. Some other neat stuff I got this week is a printed tee designed by Kate Moross which I LOVE but am too scared to wear in case it gets dirty (hand wash only – I am clueless on how to do this properly)  so for now it sits nicely in my cupboard awaiting that perfect dirt free day to arrive on which I can don it and look amazing. David Shrigleys new book named ‘Red Book’ also arrived on Tuesday. Hilarious – this is the only word I will use to describe it. I love that guy.
Sadly the week ended on a low; on Thursday night I was shocked to find out about the death of Lee Alexander McQueen. I’ve loved his work for many years and his beautiful catwalk shows always amazed me to the point of getting goose bumps – his newest spring/summer 2010 show is no exception.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010



Hey y’all,

The snow is back, as of 10 minutes ago *sigh. I do hope it stops soon as I’m really not up for sporting wellington boots for another two weeks, my other shoes felt so neglected last time!.

The beginning..and the ending of last week consisted of some friendly faces, shopping (mostly for donuts), drawing and some reminiscing. I love to remember my student digs and the fun we used to have there but it’s currently over shadowed by the fact our old (very mean) landlord is trying to fleece us for all we’ve got. I hate it when individuals try and ruin all your memories. Thankfully I received another wonderful letter from Nicola J to cheer me up, I love the randomness of its content (some of which can be seen above). I need to get cracking on a response..something to make Royal mail staff say wowee!, after all ..Nicolas envelope would of definitely got them talking hehe.

Oh yes..I posted my first look on today, It sure is hard to get some hype on that thing. I think I might just leave it the professionals!