Wednesday, 24 March 2010



The title of this post is pretty much what life feels like to me at the minute; I’m working, spending all my money on useless possessions and twiddling my thumbs (and toes) waiting for something worthwhile to happen..and of course I myself can only make things happen. The days are long and filled with a haze of uncertainty, I’m not happy where I am but I don’t how to escape. The only thing keeping me remotely sane is the good friends that surround me.
Hm, It’s like one of those tremendously difficult maths equations that delays the completion of your entire assignment. Mind you…I’m not entirely sure what that equation was to begin with or how to figure it out when I finally do know.

Thank god for music, that’s all I’ll say…Oh and really cool Swedish kids from the 70’s. I wish I smoked this much and rode motorcycles when I was 12…actually I’d probably be dead by now. Ho hum.

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