Wednesday, 1 December 2010




Happy 1st of December everyone :)


Saturday, 28 August 2010


Image sourcing: Vogue Sept 2010, Hnm A/W 2010 Magazine.
I LOVE shopping for a new seasonal wardrobe! Despite probably never having enough cash to buy those beautifully abstract Balenciaga heels and scalloped Valentino skirt; a girl can dream though, huh?.
A seasonal fashion publication I adore is one published by HNM. Veronique Didry of Vogue Paris did the styling for the ‘must have shoot’ in the A/W 2010 and I must say everything is so wonderfully put together. The layering is perfect and it isn’t overly complicated so it’s very easy to break down and experiment with is HNM so everything is affordable and easily acquired.
ME: Suede wedges,, Necklace, weird market stall in Skegness.

Thursday, 26 August 2010



HELLO! It’s been a while but I won’t babble on about the past month or so, I will however tell you that I will finally update tomorrow. I do hope you like the new layout/ visuals, Secret Ginger was in need of a spruce up.



Wednesday, 7 July 2010



  There are two sides that make up summer 2010; one consists of long summer days in strawberry fields and climbing over dusty moors looking for places to set up camp for the night. The other side is me hiding indoors, slowly but surely turning into a fashion blog obsessive – I just can’t stop trawling through blogs filled with affordable goodies and amazing style ideas.

Here are a few of my favourites -

<3<3<3 all of these.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Times are hard, fulfilment is lacking.
‘Item’s’ keeping a semi-enthusiastic expression glued to my face are as follows; ONE: Crystal Castles’ new album. In my opinion it is absolutely fantastic (Particularly tracks Baptism & Year of silence) I advise readers of this awful blog to go and make the purchase ASAP.
TWO: Sale bought lace-ups from UrbanOutfitters. I am a fashion junky therefore exude displays of actual joy and excitement when I come across items such as these boots. They’re a steal at £45.00 and now Mr Sun has decided to pack his bags and leave us after our brief encounter with summer I shall be donning them absolutely EVERYWHERE.
P.S. Ever tried to make a sugar cage?, tough stuff.

Saturday, 15 May 2010



Cliché but apt; life is indeed, too short.

Monday, 10 May 2010

23 *sigh.

       Lot’s of birthday treats!*
*Yes, that is a shrimp cleaning my finger nails. CUTE!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Where are we?.

DSCF0619 DSCF0672DSCF0576DSCF0583DSCF0643DSCF0637DSCF0605

Even the most morbid of holiday towns have interesting subjects.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010



The title of this post is pretty much what life feels like to me at the minute; I’m working, spending all my money on useless possessions and twiddling my thumbs (and toes) waiting for something worthwhile to happen..and of course I myself can only make things happen. The days are long and filled with a haze of uncertainty, I’m not happy where I am but I don’t how to escape. The only thing keeping me remotely sane is the good friends that surround me.
Hm, It’s like one of those tremendously difficult maths equations that delays the completion of your entire assignment. Mind you…I’m not entirely sure what that equation was to begin with or how to figure it out when I finally do know.

Thank god for music, that’s all I’ll say…Oh and really cool Swedish kids from the 70’s. I wish I smoked this much and rode motorcycles when I was 12…actually I’d probably be dead by now. Ho hum.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Little box of treasures.


I wasn’t going to update today but I have been clearing out the black holes that are my cupboards and discovered my big box of happy crap I’ve collected over the years.
1) Other boys’ sweatbands – it was compulsory at school/ college to pilfer a boys wrist wear if you intended on courting them. Sadly I have only a few, some are far too tatty and disgusting to show on here..I should probably throw them out?
2) Worry dolls – tell them your concerns and they’ll magically transform your life for the better via mythical powers (I actually thought this would get me a boyfriend *sigh). Apparently if you ‘anger’ these little woven people..they kill your family or something? hmm.
3) Little tiny horse that I spent a sufficient amount of time excavating from the centre of the rather large rubber bouncy ball during a very boring assembly. I really should of concentrated more at school.
4) Aaah love letters, a box of happy crap isn’t complete without the odd love letter.
5) 2 Dollars from my first trip to America (LA). The only 2 I have left from my 5 day adventure in Hollywood, the rest were spent on T-shirts I couldn’t buy here in England and limited edition Vans (as many as I could fit in a suitcase) from a very cool skate shop on Hollywood Boulevard.  Tisk tisk.
6) The ticket stub from my very first gig at Rock City; no it’s not a really cool band like the rolling is in fact Bowling for soup, what a freaking loser.
7) Not really from my crap box but instead next to fathers camera he received on his 21st birthday which I am going to fix up and take some amazing snaps with to show YOU people.