Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mixed bag.


Happy Valentines day all! I did all my celebrating on Thursday seeing as that was my anniversary so I just settled for breakfast in bed this morning. Wagamamas was the first port of call this year then afterwards we went to see Youth in revolt at the cinema – which I loved. Michael Cera has never really caught my attention before this film and I must admit, I couldn’t help finding him a little bit attractive as a foul mouthed rogue..even with that awful moustache!.
I found a cool new notebook whilst shopping one day this week – so cool it makes me want to draw silly things inside. I love NEW EMPTY SKETCHBOOKS!..especially ones with cool cameras on the cover. Some other neat stuff I got this week is a printed tee designed by Kate Moross which I LOVE but am too scared to wear in case it gets dirty (hand wash only – I am clueless on how to do this properly)  so for now it sits nicely in my cupboard awaiting that perfect dirt free day to arrive on which I can don it and look amazing. David Shrigleys new book named ‘Red Book’ also arrived on Tuesday. Hilarious – this is the only word I will use to describe it. I love that guy.
Sadly the week ended on a low; on Thursday night I was shocked to find out about the death of Lee Alexander McQueen. I’ve loved his work for many years and his beautiful catwalk shows always amazed me to the point of getting goose bumps – his newest spring/summer 2010 show is no exception.


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Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

aaaah eeeek.
i want that camera sketchbook!!! where on earth did you get that from??? i hope its not paperchase, as i dont have one near me! hehe.
ooohh i really wanna see youth in revolt, i dont have any time to see it. cera is hot. i love him, and want your drawing! hmmm i dont like him with a mustache...hehe.
love you so much. i love your drawings, they complete me!