Wednesday, 3 February 2010



Hey y’all,

The snow is back, as of 10 minutes ago *sigh. I do hope it stops soon as I’m really not up for sporting wellington boots for another two weeks, my other shoes felt so neglected last time!.

The beginning..and the ending of last week consisted of some friendly faces, shopping (mostly for donuts), drawing and some reminiscing. I love to remember my student digs and the fun we used to have there but it’s currently over shadowed by the fact our old (very mean) landlord is trying to fleece us for all we’ve got. I hate it when individuals try and ruin all your memories. Thankfully I received another wonderful letter from Nicola J to cheer me up, I love the randomness of its content (some of which can be seen above). I need to get cracking on a response..something to make Royal mail staff say wowee!, after all ..Nicolas envelope would of definitely got them talking hehe.

Oh yes..I posted my first look on today, It sure is hard to get some hype on that thing. I think I might just leave it the professionals!



lina said...

your photos are so fun! i love them. & nicola's packages are simply the best!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh kay, your photos always fill me with such joy. you must teach me how to take photos like you.
one weekend or for a few days during the week can i come and stay in notts with you??? hehe. i need to book holiday sometime. i need to spend time with you!!!
i am glad you liked my package!---miss you very much.
YOUR drawings are super! my my miss, you have stepped up your game! :D


Her said...

I love that panting dog drawing! Its beautiful :D
Carry on miss!

Anonymous said...

oh your cameo necklace <3 <3 beautiful blog btw, im your newest follower <3