Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Times are hard, fulfilment is lacking.
‘Item’s’ keeping a semi-enthusiastic expression glued to my face are as follows; ONE: Crystal Castles’ new album. In my opinion it is absolutely fantastic (Particularly tracks Baptism & Year of silence) I advise readers of this awful blog to go and make the purchase ASAP.
TWO: Sale bought lace-ups from UrbanOutfitters. I am a fashion junky therefore exude displays of actual joy and excitement when I come across items such as these boots. They’re a steal at £45.00 and now Mr Sun has decided to pack his bags and leave us after our brief encounter with summer I shall be donning them absolutely EVERYWHERE.
P.S. Ever tried to make a sugar cage?, tough stuff.


Mandy said...

Love love love your photos!!! ooo shopping. the sun been lovely while it lasted

Cap'n NikNak said...

Wow that butterfly is beautiful! you are lucky and talented to have caught it on camera :)
Hurrah for new boots :D :D
Never heard of Crystal Castles but shall google them! x

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i really didnt even know that was you in the photo, the tattoo helped...ermm...why are you making a sugar cage?
ps, i will text you the info!

Christina said...

hey! you're blog is pretty cute! nice photos! ;)

Morellocherry said...

Looooove urban outfitters!! and ew! creepy spiders! im not a bug fan!! lol

nice blog and great pics! :)