Sunday, 3 May 2009

11.35 pm 1st of may, 1987.

I have had a wonderfull birthday!
Sadly it's over shadowed by the fact that the degree show is in 3 weeks, knowing this..i should be hard it today but instead the picnic basket is calling and so are the derbyshire dales.

I hope the rain holds out!


Mandy said...

yo yo mother beeper!! i loved you bday pictures balloon head is amazing!!

lina said...

happy birthday! i hope it was lovely.

hello kitty :]

the tea drinking english rose said...

what birthday beauties you have captured there.
i see your doggie dog loves tea too... he's my new bestest friend.

lovely lolly pop kayleigh pop

hehe... your word verification is 'pingums'... like penguins, but not.

Sonia. said...

Oh I hope you had a great day! My brother's birthday was on the 1st too :)