Friday, 15 May 2009


This week began with a beautiful four mile walk through the countryside, A chance to gather my thoughts and idea's on the coming weeks of mayhem but also the feeling of excitement knowing some marvelous packages were on their way to me!.
I've only known about Jon Burgerman for a short time but I'm absolutely in love with his work, it has inspired me to go out and buy numerous pens and draw on everything with a suitable surface! His very colourful book arrived yesterday and it is a very good read (observing mostly). Thanks to Jennings' I've discovered something else to throw my student loan money at, my tatty Divine name necklace arrived this week, admittedly a little late but lovely none the less.
This is the last week of normal studio time at uni, next week is full on clear out mode and putting work up, scary stuff! I prefer working at home to be honest (Plenty of tea at hand as you can see) but for memories sake I've made the most of this last working week and it's been a lot of fun. To top it off we've had the mother of all storms which was wonderful to watch but a tad scary! If only i could of captured the lightning!.


Sonia. said...

Lightning is so hard to capture, I love storms- counting the time between thunder and lightning and then waiting for the latter to STRIKE!

& i love the photo of the field and sky from when you went on a walk. Lovely and very inspiring!

Ruth =] said...

good luck on your degree show - i know how stressful they can be!

i tagged you - hope you don't mind


Anonymous said...

I spotted that Jon Burgerman book in Urban Outfitters a few months back and I just fell in love with it! It's a bit to pricey right now though, so I just have to make do with weekly visits to the store for some stolen moments with beautiful pages!