Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Noodle soup.

Despite various deadlines, i could not be happier today! The weather is fabulous, i've finished my baking for the studio party and i'm celebrating noodle style tonight for Jennings' birthday. I've almost completed one of my final drawings for the degree show but i'm not entirely sure it works, suppose that teaches me a lesson for changeing my ideas at the last minuite again.
Happy birthday to you Nicolaaah!xxx


Ruth =] said...

fabulous necklace! urban outfitters?
And that flower is just beautiful :)


the tea drinking english rose said...

your blog kay kay is perfection.
you speak only of nonsense when you say it is not!

i still wish for a doodle. sil vous plait petit pois?

erin meagan said...

this is such a happy post!

Kayleigh. said...

The necklace is from Nottinghams finest vintage shop,'Cow'..it's wonderfull!

Charles..i shall have your drawing done sharpish ;)

Sonia. said...

I bought some percy pig cupcakes from M&S today, you should try them :)

queen atika said...

hi,i lovee your photographs and your drawings are just SO amazing !! (: x

Enep said...

amazing neklace! love it so much :--D


McCall said...

i love that locket:)