Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Happy Doodling.

Today was a very good day, i can't keep my self away from my sketch
book. I've done my first larger peice on watercolour paper in a while and
i think it looks splendid. I'm missing the uni gang, life without the studio chit chat is a bit poo really,
can't wait to get back and start making tons of work!


Mandy said...

you been working hard!1 wish i had lol x

lina said...

this is really good! & i LOVE your photos.
take care:]

Two Pink Thoughts said...

Wauw, I think it's very good!
Though it are doodles, nice work.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah missing you too!
my you have been working hard!
i am making my little rat, (you know the one, the one you like the shape of the body?) he's going ok..i have just given him teeth....haha...i think you will love the teeth!!!

Ruth =] said...

love the sketches! You've inspired me :)
Keep at it! xx