Wednesday, 7 October 2009


For the next few days I am stranded in a strange town called Sutton, because of this I am unable to do anything remotely creative as all my felt tips and crayons have been left at home on my desk. I have been given the task (..or home work if you like) by my new bossy boss, Mr Burgerman of setting up a new website/ another blog for just my art work. I need to get on it straight away..Gap inc have used up too much of my precious time/life already and the thought of staying there beyond January depresses me slightly, OK a lot; so I better start getting my work out there for all to see!

This situation has been helped slightly as a pal from uni has asked me to contribute work to an exhibition she's curating in Nottingham, along with Nicola (Inside the cabinet of wonder) and others. More info soon I guess.

Today at work, Ipods were scarce and we were forced to put on a music disc provided by Gap. Surprisingly it had this beauty on it, for which the video brings me great joy, so much so at the end of the song when the leaf blower sounds I LOL'd whilst serving a customer. I love you Shriggers', I'd marry you..if you weren't already married?

OK, enough. Pretty post soon.


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