Thursday, 4 June 2009

That is my name.

Big day ahead! Due to the Degree show catalogue order being messed up by the printers I had to stay up until 1 am this morning making and giving every one of my business cards and individual drawing ('cos I'm nice like that). I'm hoping people will like the idea at the business view this evening, after all..who ever takes one is getting an original by me!. If they are successful tonight i might have to make some more for tomorrows private view and possibly the the whole of next week! I don't mind really, as long as the public enjoy.

Please visit our website, it's marvelous :) -
(last image by fellow fine artian Tom Duggan)


lina said...

the business cards are wonderful! i love them. i want one! hehe.

good luck with the show tomorrow!

drinking in the morning sun said...

im deffo gonna try and steal one of your cards, they are so cute! and yup yup those are my new shoes which im going to attemp to wear to my industry view later, eek!
p.s: thanks for my award!*

bookmanie said...

On my blog I can support you graciously, why don't you follow mine? Bookmanie.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

love the pictures, i need to get one of your business cards.
you in the studio this week???